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Founded by Father Daughter team Chris and Lottie, 'Lottie Simpson' is built on a love of paper, painting, publishing and of course family.


Lottie has a long and established career in design, with qualifications in Art & Design and a BA(hons) degree in Interior Design she began her creative journey.  It wasn't long until Lottie discovered her love of paper products and started making stationery for friends and family.  Lottie became obsessed with wedding stationery and launched Orange Blossom Design in 2012.  With worldwide recognition and a stack of awards under her belt, including 'Best Wedding Stationery' in the British Wedding Awards she decided to expand her skills.

Chris brings over 4 decades of experience in the publishing industry, building and running his own successful company.


Hello 'Lottie Simpson'!

Why create beautiful paper gifts for just wedding guests, why not for everyone?

Each card and notebook design is lovingly hand painted in her Derbyshire, UK studio and hand finished using genuine Swarovski® crystals. Every piece is printed right here in the UK on friendly to the environment FSC certified board.


We truly believe in the magic of a handwritten card or note and hope our work inspires you to share these special moments with your friends, family and loved ones.

Lottie x

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